O Canada – Royal Canadian Mint

My favourite project this year (or quite possibly of my career), was to design the packaging and coin for this year’s O Canada Gift Set for the Royal Canadian Mint. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on quite a few coins for them in the last few years and this was the biggest project yet.

The Gift Sets are sold in Canada Post outlets every year and the packaging has always featured photography throughout. This year they wanted to try something new with the O Canada set by illustrating the whole thing. We had to appeal to a wide audience and have a fun, eye-catching design with a hint towards handmade elements. For production reasons we couldn’t actually print these on actual Kraft paper stock, but I included a scanned Kraft paper texture in the background to give the package that look.

I had a ton of fun drawing some iconic Canadian symbols and working on the package design. You can pick these up at any Canada Post, Canada Post outlet or at Mint.ca.

Skills: Coins
Client: Royal Canadian Mint