Brilliant 10 – Popular Science

Full Page Spread for Popular Science - Brilliant 10

Full Page Spread for Popular Science – Brilliant 10

When I was asked to illustrate 10 people for a full-page spread for Popular Science magazine I got a bit nervous since I’d never drawn that many people interacting with each other before. I was excited for the challenge though and it was a lot trickier than I thought it would be to arrange these scientists into a laboratory composition.

The Brilliant 10 are ten people who in the last year have made great steps forward in different scientific fields.

One of the tricky parts was having each person engaged in something relating to their area of expertise. I had a lot of fun playing around with composition and poses to make them all fit comfortably over the two pages. Here are some detail shots below:

brilliant_ten_detail3 brilliant_ten_detail2 brilliant_ten_detail