Outdoor Life Road Trip Postcards

I had the chance to illustrate some fun and colourful postcards for Outdoor Life for a feature about hunting and travel/road trips. Each card required a certain number of images to represent the location, some touristy things to do and the type of hunting to be done there. This was a ton of work but I love how the whole package came together.



IMG_0123wyoming_final_web lower_niagara_web oklahoma_final_web

Kodiak Island Map – Outdoor Life

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Here is a small map I drew in September of Kodiak Island, Alaska, for Outdoor Life magazine. It was for an article about hunting on the island and I was asked to choose a few animals from the article to illustrate. I included the Kodiak bear of course, a blacktail deer and a harlequin duck.

It’s the second time I’ve drawn a harlequin this year. I also illustrated one in the feature where this map of Mt. Rainier appeared for Seattle Met this summer [shown below].

Much like my illustrations of vintage postcards, drawing maps is something I never thought I’d enjoy so much until I started being asked to draw them. I hope to get the chance to draw more maps in the next little while.

Harlequin duck for Seattle Met’s feature on Mt. Rainier

Ice Dancer – Outdoor Life Magazine

I’ve been waiting to show you this piece for a while. Things have been really busy here and I have a nice backlog of illustrations to show in the next few weeks. I just got back from the ICON illustration conference and had a great time. I’ll be posting a wrap-up on the blog if I managed to get a few good photos (I used film, so I have no idea what’s on there!).

This illustration was a full-pager for Outdoor Life magazine, a client I’ve been lucky to work with many times already this year. I was given a story about a man and his dog, Lighthouse Ice Dancer (Dani for short). The owner, Mike, found this cast-off dog when he was going through some tough times and the dog really helped him turn his life around. Dani is a 15 year old Springer Spaniel who was trained as a bird-hunting dog. Together they won some awards, but the best thing Dani did for Mike was help him to look forward.

The scene in the background depicts the frightening night when Mike and his hunting friends had to search for Dani after she wandered away from their camp. They found her at the bottom of a  steep bank, lying in the water but still alive. Mike was able to save the dog that saved him.

Hunting Road Trips – Outdoor Life Magazine

Here’s another great project for Outdoor Life magazine. I was asked to illustrate a series of maps to accompany an article about hunting road trips in the United States. I’ve done a few maps before but these were definitely the most fun so far.

I illustrated the various fish and game you’d find along these road trips as well as a few landmarks and elements of the landscape. Eugene, Oregon has a VW bus, there’s a covered bridge in the upstate New York/Vermont area and a pair of cowboy boots on the map depicting Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

You can find more work like this in my Drawings section on my website.

Let’s Go Fishing – Outdoor Life

Fishing Techniques for Outdoor Life

I’ve gone fishing once in my life and that was over 20 years ago. With all the work I’ve done lately for Outdoor Life and Field & Stream I think I’d be pretty good at it. Here are two small fishing techniques for the April issue of Outdoor Life showing where to place the lure and in which direction to move it to attract the fish. The technique is called butterfly jigging and is shown here in fresh water (it’s usually a saltwater technique).

I really enjoyed trying this underwater perspective and painting some fish and rocks. If you read my blog regularly, you now know how to fish the European Nymphing style and the Butterfly Jig. Come back soon for more useful tips.

Outdoor Life and Indianapolis Monthly Portraits

Here are two sets of complementary colored portraits. The guys on the left were drawn for Outdoor Life and the blue guys on the right were for Indianapolis Monthly. I’ve really enjoyed adding circular shapes with watercolor washes in them behind the heads recently – they make for a nice and simple background.

Turkey Hunting Travel Illustrations – Outdoor Life

Turkey Hunting

This was a really fun job for Outdoor Life magazine.  I was asked to draw three panoramas showing the varying landscapes where you can go to hunt wild turkeys. From top to bottom we have the Black Hills (encompasses northwest Nebraska, western South Dakota and northeast Wyoming), the second encompasses northern Florida, southeast Alabama and southern Georgia, and the final panorama shows the landscapes of Oklahoma, showing rolling hills, oil derricks, red shale mesas and wheat fields. I love drawing landscapes like this.

There was an unexpected issue with the placement of the figures in the final illustration. I originally had the hunter facing to the right to shoot the turkey, but with the cowboy on the bucking bronco on the right side of the piece, it looked like the hunter missed his shot at the turkey and took out the cowboy. It looked pretty violent (and kind of funny).  I switched the positions of the turkey and hunter and it all worked out.

Here are some detail shots of each of the panoramas. Check out some more new work on my portfolio page.

Largemouth Bass

Mount Rushmore




Portrait Roundup

Mario Batali, Paula Deen, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Rachael Ray, Brooke Johnson

These painted portraits were used on the Adweek website a little while back in a really fun way as part of an illustrated tour of the top chefs in the food world. Take a look at the feature here.

Pete Brown and Jeff Cooper for Outdoor Life

A couple of hunters/outdoors guys here for Outdoor Life magazine.

Staff Portraits for Toodalu

The portraits above were completed for Toodalu, a new site that offers rewards to members when they make purchases at partner locations. You can check out more portrait work on my Portrait page.

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