Westport Postcard

It only took me five years, but I finally got around to illustrating a vintage-style postcard for my village of Westport, Ontario. Ever since I moved here I have had the idea to create one of these for the village but work kept getting in the way. Then, a year ago, the village tore up the old basketball court in the park as part of the village’s park rejuvenation project. The plan was to build a new one, but we would need to raise funds through community projects and initiatives to make it happen. I decided to finally get to work on this postcard in order to donate all proceeds from the sales from postcards and prints towards the basketball court. Once that project is complete I will continue to donate the sales towards helping to keep the park maintained.

If you would like some postcards or a print, please visit my shop.

Summer Sketches


Psychic tent in Port Townsend, Washington.

When the weather is nice I try to get outside and find something to paint with my watercolor travel set. I made a couple paintings this summer while road-tripping through Oregon and Washington and a few more around where I live. I pack a small travel stool with me on each of these trips and I usually spend a couple of hours on each one.

I’m always scouting out new things to draw in my area. There are quite a few places I have my eye on. I’m not hardcore enough to paint outside in the winter, so I’ll have to wait until next year to get to those. You can see some of my other plein air paintings here and here.


Vista House, along the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.


Allans Mill Road building, near Perth, Ontario


Stewart Park, Perth, Ontario


Abandoned store and gas pump on Bowes Mill Road near Perth, Ontario


The Getaway

The Getaway

This is a hotel just up the road from where I live in Sudbury, Ontario. I see it all the time but never thought about drawing it until this winter. I was driving by and the light was perfect. It’s for sale and not currently operating as a hotel so the parking lot isn’t plowed but there’s someone living there. That white van is always parked there. It makes me wonder what goes on there and who lives there. What are they doing? I thought it would make an mysterious piece. It seems very Northern Ontario to me.

So many places look more interesting to me in the winter. There’s a convenience store in the adjacent lot that just might be next on my list of illustrations to come.



I have a bunch of illustration ideas sitting in a sketchbook waiting for me to finish and this is one that I just wrapped up. I knew I wanted to have some kind of rock face in this piece and I saw it while I was driving through Sudbury recently. It was just perfect the way it was cut away and angled. Sudbury is great for that sort of thing, they can blow through the Canadian Shield better than anyone up here.

It was in a precarious place though, and not exactly a location I could return to and shoot reference. So instead I used the magic of Google Street View to return to this spot and with a few other screenshots from around town I was able to assemble the look I wanted. Just like Norman Rockwell would have done.