Portraits for Forbes Japan, Marketing Week, PM Network and more

Headmaster of Lawrenceville School

Headmaster of Lawrenceville Schoo


Portrait for PM Network

Portrait for PM Network

Portraits for Marketing Week, UK

Portraits for Marketing Week, UK

Portraits for German magazine Anders Handeln

Portraits for German magazine Anders Handeln

Forbes Japan

Forbes Japan

Forbes Japan

Forbes Japan

Portraits for Robb Report, ESPN, Adweek and more…

I have been working away on portraits and haven’t posted a portrait roundup in a while, so here is a look at some of the portraits I’ve been working on in the last 6 months or so. It’s always fun to get to draw so many faces!




espn_chefs espn_chefs1





NBA, NFL and UFC Illustrations


Cam Newton touchdown celebration dance for ESPN.

dance2v2 dance4v3

I’ve had a lot of fun this year working on some sports illustrations. The first three you see are for ESPN. I was asked to look at footage of Cam Newton’s touchdown dance celebrations and illustrate the major steps for each dance so they could animate the drawings. It was a fun challenge to break down each dance to its most important poses and then recreate them myself to use for reference.

I also illustrated a rather large infographic for Connected Rogers, illustrating stats and facts for this year’s NBA All-Star game in Toronto. I’m looking forward to seeing it!


lowry_web wiggins_web vince_carter msg abdul_jabbar




I illustrated this infographic for Rogers last year before this big UFC fight. This is just a small portion of the full illustration.

ESPN – Hurricane Katrina 10 Year Anniversary


My illustration on the cover of ESPN, The Magazine

This was one of those amazing assignments that was so much fun to work on. I was asked to create little illustrations for the beginning of each chapter in ESPN Magazine‘s Hurricane Katrina issue. Each spot was to illustrate stages of the disaster, from the flood itself, to the rebuild and current state of New Orleans. After working on a few of the chapter illustrations it came up that I would also draw a half page illustration for the opener, and then, towards the end of the project it was decided that a combination of my drawings would be used on the cover!

I’ve worked for ESPN a few times now, but it was one of those magazines early in my career that I wanted to work for so badly. I used to pore over issues every week at the Walgreen’s near my apartment in Brooklyn and see so many great illustrations in each issue, always wishing it was me in there.

This was a funny assignment in that as much as the art director loved my initial drawings, he felt it would be best to use my looser, less detailed sketches. Below are my original, detailed drawings, and at the bottom of this post you’ll see the images used in print.


Illustration showing the flood


A happy and revitalized New Orleans


Sadness in New Orleans


Rays of hope over the New Orleans skyline

Final drawings and layouts

Final drawings and layouts