O Canada – Royal Canadian Mint


Last year I illustrated this 2016 O Canada Gift Set for The Royal Canadian Mint. How I forgot to blog about it is beyond me, as it is one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on. The sets are distributed through Canada Post outlets across Canada. I designed and illustrated both the packaging and the loonie for this set. We wanted a very Canadian package with a more hip and indie vibe to it. It wasn’t possible to actually print on Kraft paper so I included a Kraft paper texture that printed looking just like the real thing.

I also designed the packages for all of the other Gift Sets which included Baby, Wedding, Birthday and Holiday sets. I illustrated the loonie designs on each of those sets as well. Shown here are the images of my O Canada set, as it includes the most illustration and it’s the one I’m very proud of. It was my first time designing packaging. I spent a lot of time tweaking die-lines and colours to make sure everything worked out. I’m incredibly happy with how they turned out.

ocanada6 ocanada3 ocanada2 ocanada5

Illustrations for The Walrus

Miscellany for The Walrus

Water Towers for the Editor's Note

I have 8 illustrations in the current issue of The Walrus for their Miscellany section. The top image is the header for the section, and I also worked on pieces for the Letters page, Editor’s note and Contributors page.

I had the choice of coming up with a theme to tie all the illustrations together. I ended up with three ideas and was really happy that the art director decided on my Grapes of Wrath theme. It worked really well with the content of all the sections. The Grapes of Wrath is one of my favorite books (okay, it’s my favorite book of all time) and I’ve wanted to do some illustrations based on the book for a while.

Another bonus was being able to draw water towers for the Editor’s Note (about water being the new oil). If you know me, you know I love water towers.

This was an amazing assignment for a great magazine I’ve wanted to work with for a while. You can check out some of the articles and other illustrations on their website as well. Thanks to Jen and Pete at The Walrus for a fun project!

Turtle for the Letters page in The Walrus

Peach baskets for the Contributors page