Penn Stater Club Hopping

I’ve really enjoyed working on some fun monthly illustrations for Penn Stater magazine. Every month there is a Club Hopping column where there is a little story about one of the various clubs at the school. I also contribute to the Chalk Talk section where a coach or player writes about a specific play or technique in their sport. Here are a few of my favourite Club Hopping illustrations that I’ve done over the last year.

Badminton Club

The absolute coolest thing about this is that I share the page with an illustration by my wife, Chantal Bennett!


Bee Keeper’s Club

Coffee Club

Knitting Club – The Knittany Lions

Scrounge Club

Badminton Club

Ukulele Club


Cheese Club

Covers of Columbus Monthly and Barron’s

It’s always an honour to be asked to illustrate magazine covers. I was lucky to have my work on two covers earlier this year for Columbus Monthly and Barron’s.

For Columbus Monthly I was asked to draw outgoing Governor Kasich pulling a suitcase as he leaves office, with some hints to his career on the suitcase and flying on some newspapers blowing by. He has occasionally been critical of Trump, so I was happy to be asked to draw a cartoon moustache on Trump’s dumb face.

For Barron’s I was tasked with drawing 10 portraits. Art director Chris Mihal did an awesome job of arranging them all nicely.

Portraits for Robb Report, ESPN, Adweek and more…

I have been working away on portraits and haven’t posted a portrait roundup in a while, so here is a look at some of the portraits I’ve been working on in the last 6 months or so. It’s always fun to get to draw so many faces!




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