Rockland, Maine

Rockland was one of our most anticipated destinations on our trip. The Farnsworth Museum is there and they have an entire building devoted to the work of three generations of Wyeths.

Their main building is equally impressive. The amount of Andrew and N.C. Wyeth work there is amazing. Some of our favorite pieces are hanging there and there are so many other pieces we’d never seen before that rank up there with our favorites. If you’ve never seen an Andrew Wyeth egg tempera or watercolor in person, you’re missing out. Up close you can see all his smears and fingerprints, scratches in the paper and other textures. It was really inspiring.

We stayed at the East Wind Inn on Tenant’s Harbor, not too far from Rockland. It was a great place and happened to be right across the harbor from Jamie Wyeth’s very own island (he owns the island and the lighthouse on it, where he has his studio). We were really excited to learn that Andrew and his family visited the Inn many times for dinner. One of the owners told us that “Andy” would walk around Tenant’s Harbor in the summer wearing a down coat and stirrup pants.

Here is a sketch I worked on after visiting the Farnsworth Museum. There were seagulls flying all over the place and boats moving in and out of the pier all the time. It was really fun to draw.

Rockland, Maine


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