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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

I’m happy to share with you some new Valentine’s Day illustrations I made for my wife’s letterpress stationery company, Papillon Press.

The first one, Picture Perfect, comes from my love of old cameras. I still use a Pentax ME SLR film camera, as well as my dad’s old Olympus. I have a couple more oldies in my collection too. What lovely lady or charming chap wouldn’t love a card pronouncing them to be picture perfect in the eyes of the beholder?

The second one is inspired by Neil Young’s song, Heart of Gold (have a listen here). You can give this one to your sweetheart and tell her that you’ve been searchin’ for a heart of gold, but now you’ve found one. This beauty is printed in gold ink.

My wife, Chantal, prints all the cards on our old Chandler & Price letterpress and does a fantastic job. If you have a stationery store in your neighborhood and would love to see our cards in there, feel free to leave a comment with the store’s name.

These cards, and many more, can be purchased for Valentine’s Day in our online store.

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

heartofgold_web pictureperfect1_web




ESPN Magazine – Portraits

Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady

I will attempt to contain my excitement while writing this post but if you know me then you know that working for ESPN, The Magazine, has been a dream client of mine for as long as I’ve been an illustrator.

The first issues I ever bought came when Michael Jordan was in his last year as a Chicago Bull. I remember one issue chronicled Jordan’s playing career and his impact on the game, illustrating the article with full page art by some great illustrators. I forgot about that issue for a few years until I was in school for illustration. I remember mentioning it to one of my teachers who replied, “I should have been in that issue!”

Then not too long ago while living in Brooklyn, I was living half a block away from Walgreen’s. Every week or two I’d check in to see if they had a new issue of ESPN and I’d flip through to see what illustrators has work in the issue.

It is definitely a career highlight, one name marked off on my Dream Client List and one of my favorite assignments of 2012.

So, here are a few portraits I worked on for them of some former sports stars. I was asked to portray them during specific times in their careers (and not smiling).

Ray Guy, Eric Lindros, Don Sutton and Joe Namath

Ray Guy, Eric Lindros, Don Sutton and Joe Namath

Off-Roading in the USA Map – Playboy Magazine


This fun assignment came late last year from Playboy. I was asked to illustrate a map some of the top off-roading locations in the USA (and one in Mexico) and to incorporate some of the landmarks/landscape from those areas. The Jeep Moab, flying over the desert terrain of Mexico, is the suggested vehicle for such an expedition.

Here are a few detail shots:


Ouray, Colorado

Arch Rock in Moab, Utah

Arch Rock in Moab, Utah

The Jeep Moab

The Jeep Moab

Tearsheet from the magazine

Tearsheet from the magazine

This issue should be on shelves now if you’re looking for an excuse to pick it up.

Illustrations for aiCIO


A detail of the coral illustration

A detail of the coral illustration

I had a great time working on some illustrations for the current issue of aiCIO. The project initially started out with some portraits and then I was asked to create this underwater coral landscape that spanned two pages. I incorporated a few colors from the portraits to tie everything together. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love drawing coral – this was no exception.

Here are some of the portraits included in the issue:

wiseman_web Orr_web mcfate_web malpass_web Economou_web diamonte_web

I really love how the portraits look on the page. Each portrait is accompanied with graphs and pie charts and the colors all work together beautifully.

A sample of the page design

A sample of the page design

Media All Stars – Adweek

Doug Ray

I illustrated 12 portraits for Adweek recently for a feature about Media All Stars. I illustrated the portrait above of Doug Ray for a  full page. He is the President of Carat North America and holds the media accounts for Pfizer and GM.  The rest of the portraits below were placed throughout the article. Here are 6 of my favorite portraits. You can see the article and the rest of the portraits online here.

Media All Stars

The Inquisition of Mr. Marvel – Grantland Quarterly

The Inquisition of Mr. Marvel

This is one of my favorite pieces of the year that I’ve been asked to work on. I grew up reading comic books, and many of the comics I collected had characters created by Stan Lee (and Jack Kirby sometimes, too).

So when I was contacted by Grantland Quarterly to illustrate a story about Stan Lee, titled ‘The Inquisition of Mr. Marvel’, I was really excited to do it. It was a great read (check it out here). Like many early comic book character creators, Stan has lost the ownership of the superheroes he created and has no claim to the billions of dollars his creations make Marvel and Disney today. For the most part he’s accepted it and maintained his role as a comic book ambassador or even a  mascot – the face of Marvel comics.

I illustrated all the frames around the portrait as well and those were a lot of fun. It’s amazing how portraits come together sometimes. Stan Lee without his ruby-colored glasses just isn’t Stan Lee.

Tunica Postcard – Field & Stream

Tunica, Mississippi

I love old postcards, and I especially like the old hand-tinted “Greetings from…” kind. This is the fourth illustration I’ve done in that postcard-style and I hope I get the chance to do more, they’re a lot of fun. Keep an eye out on this blog for a couple more postcard-inspired illustrations soon.

This one is for Field & Stream Magazine, a favorite client of mine.  This postcard illustrates some of the things to see and do in Tunica, Mississippi. There’s some great music, a funky pink casino, an old restaurant called the Blue & White, a steamboat, and most important to the readers of Field & Stream, duck hunting.

Illustrations for Milwaukee Magazine

I have a few illustrations on the cover of this month’s Milwaukee Magazine

I had a great time working with the art directors at Milwaukee magazine on some spot illustrations for their recent issue about improving Milwaukee. The feature has 21 improvements to the city and they narrowed that down to about 7 that they wanted me to come up with ideas for.  I was lucky to have a few of those drawings appear on the cover as well, and I was also asked to draw a couple portraits for the interior feature.

It’s always exciting to see my work on a magazine cover. Here are some of the illustrations I did for the cover and the interior.

Left: Analyze everyone’s genome. Right: Keep the Milwaukee Bucks.

Portraits of Scott Walker and Gregory Thornton

On the left: Making Milwaukee a water hub. On the right: Developing Park East into an arts and entertainment district.

Kodiak Island Map – Outdoor Life

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Here is a small map I drew in September of Kodiak Island, Alaska, for Outdoor Life magazine. It was for an article about hunting on the island and I was asked to choose a few animals from the article to illustrate. I included the Kodiak bear of course, a blacktail deer and a harlequin duck.

It’s the second time I’ve drawn a harlequin this year. I also illustrated one in the feature where this map of Mt. Rainier appeared for Seattle Met this summer [shown below].

Much like my illustrations of vintage postcards, drawing maps is something I never thought I’d enjoy so much until I started being asked to draw them. I hope to get the chance to draw more maps in the next little while.

Harlequin duck for Seattle Met’s feature on Mt. Rainier

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