Pickup Artists Panel – New York Magazine


The State of Seduction – A Roundtable of pickup artists

I have 6 portraits in the current issue of New York Magazine‘s sex issue. These folks are part of a roundtable of pickup artists who were interviewed in the issue. I’ve wanted to work with New York Magazine ever since I started promoting myself as an illustrator. I did a few portfolio drop-offs there back in the day and have had them on my wish list for quite a while.

This assignment came in with about a 16 hour turnaround time, so I was very relieved when the art director loved the sketch I sent in so much he suggested I submit my sketches as the finals. I’ve always liked how my portrait sketches turn out so I am more than happy to see them in print.


Westport Marina


My wife and I recently moved to Westport, a village in Eastern Ontario. It’s a great little spot and we have a nice studio to work out of behind our house. It’s pretty ideal for my illustration studio and my wife’s letterpress studio. I’ll be posting some photos of that as it starts to come together (or if you’re so inclined, I post occasional photos of it on Instagram).

Our first sketch outing together was to the Westport marina where this old gas station caught our eye. We brought our dog Peanut along and he lay in the shade while we were drawing. A man came by and asked us to draw his boat, but it was a pretty boring speedboat and not as interesting as this old shanty. A few people came and went to fill up their tanks, forcing us to take a break for a few minutes until they moved their boats out of the scene.

There are a lot of interesting places to sketch around here, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out and do more sketching throughout the summer.

Financial Road Map – Los Angeles Times


This piece was published in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times. It was for a special section called Investment Quarterly and I was given a list of six signs that had to be shown forecasting specific financial investments.

I thought it would be fun to draw a couple of people who get lost on a road trip. They pull their old jalopy over at the side of the road (at least the view is nice) and they’re encountered with this assortment of signs. This was a fun one and I am glad I was able to draw an old jalopy and then use the word jalopy in my blog three times.


KO Pies


There are a couple popular spots in Boston called KO Pies where you can buy delectable Australian meat pies. I illustrated this piece above for the Foodthinkers.com website for an article about the owner of KO Pies in Boston. The pies remind me a bit (in appearance, since I haven’t tried them) of the French Canadian tourtière.

So why the pies and yachts? We wanted to tell the story about the chef who traveled the world for a few years before settling down in Boston. He sailed around from the Caribbean to Europe, working as the chef aboard a private yacht and honing his pie making skills.

If you’ve ever tried one of these pies let me know if they’re as good as I’m told!

Brooklyn Nets – Brooklyn Bound Magazine


Brooklyn Nets (click to view larger)

I illustrated this full spread for Brooklyn Bound magazine before the NBA season started last year. At that time the Brooklyn Nets, formerly the New Jersey Nets, hadn’t revealed their jerseys yet, the designs hadn’t been leaked and I wasn’t quite sure what kind of jerseys the players should wear. I ended up with what I thought was their jersey designs, but was instead a fan’s interpretation of what they could look like.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun working on this illustration with some Brooklyn buildings and landmarks (Coney Island Cyclone, elevated train, water towers, Brooklyn Bridge, etc…). The players I included are Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace.

I was able to take in a Brooklyn Nets game in March this year and checked out the new Barclay’s Center. It’s a really impressive arena and a friendly, inebriated man bought both my wife and I a beer for taking his photo with his cell phone. I would definitely go back (and hope to sit near that guy again).


Cloud Computing – Lodging Magazine


This is a full page portrait illustration for Lodging Magazine. It’s for a story about SkyTouch Technologies president Ric Leutwyler. They specialize in cloud computing for hotels and the art director wanted to incorporate the cloud aspect somehow.

I’ve done a few other head shots for Lodging Magazine over the last few months. Here they are below:

lodging_portrait lodging_portrait2 president_headshot


Vince McMahon – Grantland Quarterly 6

Vince McMahon of the WWE

Vince McMahon of the WWE

I illustrated this portrait of Vince McMahon, CEO of the WWE, for Grantland Quarterly‘s sixth book. It accompanies a story about McMahon rewriting story lines of the WWE for his own benefit and enjoyment.

The books are great if you can pick one up. They’re full of illustrations and fun sports and entertainment stories from the last few months.

Illustration Roundup – AFAR Magazine, Men’s Health, Family Circle and The Boston Globe


AFAR Magazine

Here is a recap of some work I’ve done in the last couple months. From portraits to lobsters, maps, celebrity sunglasses and a map of Guyana. I have a lot more fun stuff to share in the next few weeks, including details of  a major studio move and some new personal work.


Family Circle Magazine


Family Circle Magazine


Family Circle Magazine


AFAR Magazine – Morgan Fairchild


Cincinnati Magazine


Everyone’s favorite leading man, Ryan Gosling. For Men’s Health.


Kanye West for Men’s Health.


Mario Lopez for Men’s Health.


Justin Timberlake for Men’s Health.


Presidential Pardons for The Boston Globe



Circus Freaks and Rascals


For the last few years I’ve illustrated a series of characters for my wife’s letterpress stationery company, Papillon Press. A couple years ago I illustrated the Troublemakers, and last year we debuted the Circus Freaks at the National Stationery Show in New York City.

This year I drew four new characters: Rascals. I wanted to show some various forms of employment for children during the early 1900s (and earlier, too). There is the Spinner, Bootblack, Newsboy and Pickpocket. We will be debuting this series at the National Stationery Show in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they sell as well as the Troublemakers and Circus Freaks have.

If you’d like to own a set, you can pick them up here or from our Etsy shop.


Spinner Pickpocket Newsboy Bootblack Tatooed Man Knife Thrower Dog Faced BoyBearded Lady

UMass Feature for Boston Globe Magazine


Boston Globe Magazine special feature cover

I illustrated the cover for a special feature magazine about UMass in the Boston Globe. I was asked to go through the article and pick out some of the most visually interesting topics. The idea of drawing a marching band sounded like fun, and incorporated in each of the letters are Natalie Cole, a farm to represent the UMass history of agriculture, Bill Cosby, a cow for scientific purposes, and the Minuteman statue on one of the campuses.


Full page interior page showing some of the areas of study at UMass

I laid out some more illustrations for interior pages on scanned encyclopedia pages. A few of the illustrations here include Dr. J, who played for UMass, some more indications of agriculture, and Abraham Lincoln who helped pave the way for the creation of UMass by passing the Morris Act.

umass_spot1 umass_spot2 umass_spot3

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