Letterpress Christmas Cards 2014


I have been drawing holiday cards for my wife’s stationery company, Papillon Press, for a few years now. I draw a couple of cards and she draws a couple to add to the holiday collection every year. Our cards are carried in stores throughout North America and a few shops in Europe. If you’re looking to buy some new cards for the season, you can take a look at our holiday selection here.

This year we drew some mischievous animals. Here are my two contributions for 2014.


Merry Dam X-Mas


Penguin Presents


Portraits for Billboard Magazine


Here are some portraits I illustrated for Billboard Magazine. I drew these people for a feature about 1984: Pop Music’s Best Year Ever. They are Jack Antonoff, Katharine Hamnett, Patton Oswalt and Camille Pagila.

The feature was so great, it was written up on Robert Newman’s Newmanology blog. Below are the fun and fantastic looking spreads that my work appeared on, designed by Patrick Crowley at Billboard Magazine.

Billboard-pages6 Billboard-pages4 Billboard-pages3 Billboard-pages2

NBA Preview – Los Angeles Times


I’ve wanted to do an NBA Preview illustration for a long time. Well, any NBA illustration sounds pretty good to me, so when I got the call to do a full page illustration for the Los Angeles Times about the upcoming NBA Season (tip off tonight!) I was excited to take it on.

I illustrated four West Coast and 4 East Coast players, including an injured Kevin Durant and a revitalized Derrick Rose. Tim Duncan is in there too, feeling ignored.

Thanks to Michael for a really fun assignment. Go Bulls.


Progress shot. Drawing the players separately.


TIME Magazine


Robert De Niro, Sonia Sotomayor, Neil Patrick Harris for TIME

I’m excited to share these three portraits I illustrated for TIME Magazine. I have wanted to work with TIME for years. It’s one of those magazines you can tell people you’ve worked with and they come away pretty darn impressed (Playboy is a big hit as a client too).

I don’t actually illustrate many celebrities, unless they’re real estate, business or food celebrities, so it was nice to take a crack at at least a couple recognizable faces. De Niro has such a great face to draw.

Summer Sketches


Psychic tent in Port Townsend, Washington.

When the weather is nice I try to get outside and find something to paint with my watercolor travel set. I made a couple paintings this summer while road-tripping through Oregon and Washington and a few more around where I live. I pack a small travel stool with me on each of these trips and I usually spend a couple of hours on each one.

I’m always scouting out new things to draw in my area. There are quite a few places I have my eye on. I’m not hardcore enough to paint outside in the winter, so I’ll have to wait until next year to get to those. You can see some of my other plein air paintings here and here.


Vista House, along the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.


Allans Mill Road building, near Perth, Ontario


Stewart Park, Perth, Ontario


Abandoned store and gas pump on Bowes Mill Road near Perth, Ontario


Summer Portrait Roundup!


Report on Business – Smart Money column

Here is a little recap of some of the portraits I’ve been working on over the last few months (and in the case of the above portraits for Report on Business, I’ve been working on those once a month for over a year). It’s been a great summer of drawing faces and many other things. For now, here are some favorite for clients such as Boston Magazine, Real Simple, ESPN Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

Portraits for Boston Magazine

Portraits for Boston Magazine

Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin O'Leary

Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin O’Leary for Connected for Business

Phil Mickelson, Dante Scarnecchia and Bo Jackson for ESPN, The Magazine

Phil Mickelson, Dante Scarnecchia and Bo Jackson for ESPN, The Magazine

Bloggers for Real Simple

Bloggers for Real Simple


Real Simple


Felicity’s hair through four seasons for Entertainment Weekly

Beginner’s Guide to Cycling – Bicycling Magazine


I had the chance to really get into this assignment with Bicycling Magazine, for a feature about cycling for beginners. It was a feature article where I also illustrated some instructional illustrations and small spots. But the most fun piece was this full-pager to open the feature. Jesse Southerland, the fantastic art director who I worked with on this, wanted a “hero shot” depicting a cyclist on his bike.

I just so happen to have a brother-in-law who is quite the cyclist and knowledgeable about all things bikes. Jean-Marc helped me out by taking reference photos for the instructional illustrations I did and this full-pager. That’s him on the bike! He graciously posed for photos on a rainy Montreal morning and emailed them right away so I could work to meet the deadline. Thanks J-M!


Art Direction and design by Jesse Southerland


Map of Houston’s Museum District – Houstonia Magazine


I worked on this fun 3-panel foldout map for Houstonia Magazine for a special insert about Houston’s Museum District.

I really wanted to work in a long scene at the bottom and thankfully, due to the shape of the map area itself, this worked out well with the long format I had to work with. We were able to fit in all the map info we needed and had lots of room left for walking dinosaur skeletons, tigers, a flying fish, and a picnic.

Below are a few detail shots of some of the map, including a few museums and other landmarks directly below.


houstonia_detail houstonia_detail2



Spring – Popular Science


I worked on these illustrations for an article about springtime for Popular Science magazine. We have a yellow-rumped warbler, rose-breasted grosbeak, Japanese mountain cherry, and lance-leafed violet.

I’m happy to now be seeing some amazing woodpeckers and blue jays flying around my neighborhood. I even saw a bald eagle recently which is a  pretty incredible sight.


Joakim Noah – Chicago Bulls


My favorite player in the NBA right now is Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls. He’s full of energy and hustle and is a ton of fun to watch.

In high school I made drawings of my favorite Bulls players before the playoffs, photocopied them and gave them to friends. I loved to draw and wanted to bring good luck to my team. They won three championships in the years I did that back then, but of course they had Michael Jordan on their team.

If you’re a Bulls fan and are interested in buying prints of this piece, check out my Etsy shop, or check out A Spectacular Move for more of my NBA illustrations.


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