Outdoor Tourism in California – Los Angeles Times

California Outdoor Tourism for Los Angeles Times

Postcard Pieces: Hang gliding, Horseback riding, Surfing, RVing, Golfing

This piece (top) published in Sunday’s Business section of the Los Angeles Times for an article about tourism and outdoor activities in California.

It was a crazy turnaround to get this in and a ton of fun to work on. I was heading to New York on Thursday night and needed to have the final done in time for any revisions before I left. The sketches were approved Wednesday evening and I had the final in by 7 pm on Thursday, four hours before I left for New York. It was a great challenge and I’m extremely happy how it turned out.

I ended up painting a separate illustration for 8 of the 10 letters in California (2 of them filled 2 letters each), plus a mountain range and a couple pelicans to polish off the rest of the postcard.

I have always wanted to work on a vintage-looking postcard like this, so a big thanks goes to Derek for thinking of my work for this assignment.


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