Little Bear

Little Bear

These images were made a little while ago for a children’s book called Little Bear. The story is about an Inuit woman who adopts an orphaned polar bear and raises him to adulthood before sending him back into the wild (cue the tears).

The story had so many opportunities for me to make interesting images and I had a great time illustrating the fur hoods and parkas, boots and igloos. I could draw those things all day. And I did, for a couple weeks.  Thankfully, Chantal came across an old parka when I started working on thumbnails and that was a lifesaver for creating photo reference.

We went outside last November and each took turns posing wearing the parka, big boots and mittens. The day after we took all the photos, about 60 of them, it snowed. To have snow in the photos for reference would have been amazing, but some things you just have to fake!

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