Florida Travel Guide – Boston Globe Magazine

Boston Globe Magazine cover illustration

Crane, gator and bike riding

Jet pack adventures (amazing!) and Universal Studios' Hogwarts meets Lego Land's Harry Potter.

You might remember my Boston Globe Magazine cover from September done in a similar postcard style (Fall Travel). I had another opportunity to create one of these fun postcard-style illustrations for this Sunday’s magazine for a feature about Florida travel.

I was asked to incorporate a number of things such as (from left to right) golfing, alligators, bike riding, a new baseball stadium where the Red Sox train, the amazing jet pack activity on water, a combination of Universal Studios Harry Potter and Lego Land, and finally some salsa dancing. The beach I illustrated is Siesta Key beach.

I have some friends and family in Massachusetts so hopefully they had this land on their doorstep on Sunday morning. Thanks to Josue for a fun assignment.

Photo of the cover (thanks to my brother, Aaron)

Pelican detail


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