Bostonians of the Year – Boston Globe Magazine

Doctors – Boston Globe Magazine (click to view larger)

Page Layout – Boston Globe Magazine

I illustrated these nice blue portraits for Boston Globe Magazine (published early January). These fine folks are doctors in the Boston area who’ve done some great work. The first three founded a group called Partners in Health, and the woman on the far right, The Brainiac, researches brain trauma.

I’ve wanted to work with Boston Globe Magazine for a long, long time. I even cold-called them a few years ago. That was fun.

Lots, and I mean lots more portraits coming up soon. I also have a lot of projects in mind for 2011 including some more basketball stuff (it’s been a while and I can’t resist), new illustrations and maybe some short illustrated stories, and other good stuff.

Follow me on Twitter (@joelkimmel) to see some process shots of new work before they make their way to the blog.

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