Aardvark Island

I painted this for my brother Aaron for Christmas. I think I’ve given him a painting every year for the last few years. Aardvarks are a lot of fun to draw. In my research of aardvarks I learned that they’re very similar to anteaters but are not actually the same.

Aardvark Island

Everyone loves getting paintings for gifts, but they always have trouble finding standard sized frames for my work since it’s not something I usually consider when painting something for someone. I’d rather not have standard frame sizes influence how I compose my paintings.

Sometimes I think I should paint in standard sizes, but then I figure if they’re getting a free painting they can buy a custom frame :)

Happy New Year to all my readers, 2010 is going to be a lot of fun. I have a lot of new paintings and projects in mind and I’ll post them all here for your viewing pleasure. My biggest project of 2009 is coming up soon. Thanks for reading.

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