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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

I’m happy to share with you some new Valentine’s Day illustrations I made for my wife’s letterpress stationery company, Papillon Press.

The first one, Picture Perfect, comes from my love of old cameras. I still use a Pentax ME SLR film camera, as well as my dad’s old Olympus. I have a couple more oldies in my collection too. What lovely lady or charming chap wouldn’t love a card pronouncing them to be picture perfect in the eyes of the beholder?

The second one is inspired by Neil Young’s song, Heart of Gold (have a listen here). You can give this one to your sweetheart and tell her that you’ve been searchin’ for a heart of gold, but now you’ve found one. This beauty is printed in gold ink.

My wife, Chantal, prints all the cards on our old Chandler & Price letterpress and does a fantastic job. If you have a stationery store in your neighborhood and would love to see our cards in there, feel free to leave a comment with the store’s name.

These cards, and many more, can be purchased for Valentine’s Day in our online store.

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

heartofgold_web pictureperfect1_web




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