Harry & Meghan Coin – Royal Canadian Mint

Not long after my UFO coin was released by the Royal Canadian Mint, the coin I designed for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was released. I designed the floral and maple leaf border around the official portrait from their engagement shoot, working three Swarovski crystals into the design. Knowing the Royal Family has a huge following in Canada and abroad, it was exciting to design this coin for this occasion.

As with the UFO coin, once it was released it had an incredible response. I was contacted for a few interviews and had a nice feature in the Ottawa Citizen and a television interview on CTV Ottawa. It’s been a fun couple of months doing some press and having people come by the studio to take photographs and video interviews. Unfortunately, I did not get an invitation to the wedding, but I’m hoping the newlyweds get in touch during their rumoured honeymoon in Canada.

Falcon Lake Incident – Royal Canadian Mint

Image courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint

Well this was a cool experience. I illustrated this coin design for the Royal Canadian Mint for a coin called The Falcon Lake Incident. I had no idea what kind of response it would get, but it turns out people really like UFO sightings and the coins that commemorate them. This coin sold out in one day, with a mintage of 4000. Thankfully I was able to snag one before they were all sold (I saw them on eBay shortly after for quadruple the retail price!). The coin comes with a black light, and when you shine the light on the coin it reveals a beam from the UFO and a glow around the man on the ground.

I got a fair amount of press with this coin and was interviewed on the Alan Neal CBC show All in a Day. I was also on The Morning Show on CKWS in Kingston, with host Bill Welychka. That was an awesome thing to do, live on television for the first time!

Westport Postcard

It only took me five years, but I finally got around to illustrating a vintage-style postcard for my village of Westport, Ontario. Ever since I moved here I have had the idea to create one of these for the village but work kept getting in the way. Then, a year ago, the village tore up the old basketball court in the park as part of the village’s park rejuvenation project. The plan was to build a new one, but we would need to raise funds through community projects and initiatives to make it happen. I decided to finally get to work on this postcard in order to donate all proceeds from the sales from postcards and prints towards the basketball court. Once that project is complete I will continue to donate the sales towards helping to keep the park maintained.

If you would like some postcards or a print, please visit my shop.