Penn Stater Club Hopping

I’ve really enjoyed working on some fun monthly illustrations for Penn Stater magazine. Every month there is a Club Hopping column where there is a little story about one of the various clubs at the school. I also contribute to the Chalk Talk section where a coach or player writes about a specific play or technique in their sport. Here are a few of my favourite Club Hopping illustrations that I’ve done over the last year.

Badminton Club

The absolute coolest thing about this is that I share the page with an illustration by my wife, Chantal Bennett!


Bee Keeper’s Club

Coffee Club

Knitting Club – The Knittany Lions

Scrounge Club

Badminton Club

Ukulele Club


Cheese Club

NFL Gameday Morning Show Coffee Promotion

This was a really cool project that came my way not long ago. I was asked by the LA agency Ludlow Kingsley to draw portraits of the hosts of the NFL Gameday Morning show for a promotional campaign. Their idea was to use the portraits on a special box of coffee that they would send out around the holidays. I love working with magazines, but having my work on a fun product like this is always exciting. It was great working with the team at Ludlow Kingsley!

Portraits for NFL Gameday Promotion by Ludlow Kingsley

Covers of Columbus Monthly and Barron’s

It’s always an honour to be asked to illustrate magazine covers. I was lucky to have my work on two covers earlier this year for Columbus Monthly and Barron’s.

For Columbus Monthly I was asked to draw outgoing Governor Kasich pulling a suitcase as he leaves office, with some hints to his career on the suitcase and flying on some newspapers blowing by. He has occasionally been critical of Trump, so I was happy to be asked to draw a cartoon moustache on Trump’s dumb face.

For Barron’s I was tasked with drawing 10 portraits. Art director Chris Mihal did an awesome job of arranging them all nicely.

2018 Illustration Wrap-Up!

2018 was a great year for me with many fun and rewarding projects. Here is a wrap-up of some projects I completed towards the end of the year. I drew a lot of great faces and really enjoy all the challenges involved in capturing a likeness. A big thank you to all of the art directors who I worked with.

Opener and portraits for Wake Forest Magazine. Lovely design by art director Hayes Henderson

Josh Groban for AARP Magazine

For Entertainment Weekly

For Entertainment Weekly

Portraits for NFL Gameday Promotion by Ludlow Kingsley

Portraits for Wake Forest Magazine

Portraits for Anders Handeln

Portrait for Wharton

Portraits for Lehigh University

Lawrentian Magazine

PM Network