Joel is an illustrator based in the village of Westport, Ontario, Canada.

He enjoys illustrating portraits, icons and narrative and conceptual pieces. He takes inspiration from vintage tinted photographs and postcards– their color schemes and textures mostly.

He loves the imagery of the Great Depression, farming and farm equipment, factories, piers and rural landscapes. He enjoys drawing buildings, and again, especially ones from the early 1900s. Animals are also a favorite subject, as well as all kinds of coral. There are many, many more things he also loves to draw (pigeons, water towers, loggers, dory boats).

When he isn’t busy with any of the above, he enjoys throwing sticks with his beagles, Peanut and Pistache, playing basketball (not with the beagles though), reading, traveling and sketching outdoors.

Joel shares a studio with his wife Chantal Bennett, who is also an illustrator. They are working on an ongoing project together called Every Chip Stand where they have the ambitious goal of illustrating every chip stand in Ontario (and some beyond).



Your Dreams My Nightmares. Audio Interview with Sam Weber.

With designer/art director Chris Skiles

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