Beginner’s Guide to Cycling – Bicycling Magazine


I had the chance to really get into this assignment with Bicycling Magazine, for a feature about cycling for beginners. It was a feature article where I also illustrated some instructional illustrations and small spots. But the most fun piece was this full-pager to open the feature. Jesse Southerland, the fantastic art director who I worked with on this, wanted a “hero shot” depicting a cyclist on his bike.

I just so happen to have a brother-in-law who is quite the cyclist and knowledgeable about all things bikes. Jean-Marc helped me out by taking reference photos for the instructional illustrations I did and this full-pager. That’s him on the bike! He graciously posed for photos on a rainy Montreal morning and emailed them right away so I could work to meet the deadline. Thanks J-M!


Art Direction and design by Jesse Southerland