Portrait Roundup – Celebrities, NHL Rookies, Chefs, Authors and More


Celebrity portraits for AARP Magazine

I thought it was time for a much-needed blog  update of some of the work I’ve been doing over the last few months. To start with, here are a bunch of portraits (and some computer mice) that I’ve worked on for various publications.


USC Dornsife Magazine


Author portraits for The Boston Globe

My sketchy pencil style of portraits has been pretty popular with art directors and I really enjoy working on them. It’s nice to get loose with my line work like this now and then. Stephen King’s distinctive mouth is very hard to draw, by the way.


History of the computer mouse for Rogers Connected Magazine

One of the first computer mice was a square piece of wood with a metal cylinder and one red button. How far we’ve come.


NHL rookies for Rogers Connected


Chef portraits for Houstonia

It was great to work with Chris Skiles at the new Houstonia Magazine.


Portraits for Inc. Magazine


Inc. Magazine


AFAR Magazine