Westport Marina


My wife and I recently moved to Westport, a village in Eastern Ontario. It’s a great little spot and we have a nice studio to work out of behind our house. It’s pretty ideal for my illustration studio and my wife’s letterpress studio. I’ll be posting some photos of that as it starts to come together (or if you’re so inclined, I post occasional photos of it on Instagram).

Our first sketch outing together was to the Westport marina where this old gas station caught our eye. We brought our dog Peanut along and he lay in the shade while we were drawing. A man came by and asked us to draw his boat, but it was a pretty boring speedboat and not as interesting as this old shanty. A few people came and went to fill up their tanks, forcing us to take a break for a few minutes until they moved their boats out of the scene.

There are a lot of interesting places to sketch around here, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out and do more sketching throughout the summer.