Circus Freaks and Rascals


For the last few years I’ve illustrated a series of characters for my wife’s letterpress stationery company, Papillon Press. A couple years ago I illustrated the Troublemakers, and last year we debuted the Circus Freaks at the National Stationery Show in New York City.

This year I drew four new characters: Rascals. I wanted to show some various forms of employment for children during the early 1900s (and earlier, too). There is the Spinner, Bootblack, Newsboy and Pickpocket. We will be debuting this series at the National Stationery Show in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they sell as well as the Troublemakers and Circus Freaks have.

If you’d like to own a set, you can pick them up here or from our Etsy shop.


Spinner Pickpocket Newsboy Bootblack Tatooed Man Knife Thrower Dog Faced BoyBearded Lady