Collecting Art – American Way


This illustration is for American Way, the in-flight magazine of American Airlines. The article is about collecting art and what to think about when you’re starting to buy artwork. What kind of work should you look for, how much should you spend, and where do you start looking?

I painted a few images in frames to hover in the sky, and my wife, Chantal, allowed me to use one of her paintings in the oval frame in the lower right. It was nice to find a way to have our work appear together. That’s a Picasso self-portrait you see as well, but I painted it myself, as it just didn’t feel right to include the ones I found online.

My brother-in-law’s girlfriend was around while I was working on this and agreed to pose for me. Thanks, Anne-Marie (sorry for making you a brunette)! And thanks to Peanut, as always, for agreeing to pose as well.