Seattle Met Cover – One Flight Away


Seattle Met cover design by André Mora

I’m really excited to show you this cover illustration I did for Seattle Met‘s travel issue.  It was an exciting process from start to finish, trying to decide what the right image for the cover would be. The design director, André Mora, and the team decided to go with this above view of Hanauma Bay beach in Hawaii and some snorkelers.

What’s always great about working with André is the collaboration in making an illustration. For this cover it really helped in making the design and illustration work well together.

I submitted a bunch of different sketch ideas based on André’s suggestions to see what would work best for the cover. It’s tough to have a cover approved, especially an illustrated one. So we really wanted to give as many options as possible to the publisher to show what we were thinking for a cover direction. I played with a few rough cover layouts I was sent and I worked my illustrations around them.


These sketches were of Hanauma Bay and Waikiki Beach


These sketches are of Paris, Waikiki Beach and Hanauma Bay

You can see we ventured away from the beach scene in the early stages for a couple sketches of Paris rooftops. The feature’s concentration seemed to be on the beaches though, so we went back to that for some sketch revisions and then on to the final.

Below is the final illustration without the cover design. It looks nice on its own, but I love how the cover design makes it feel complete, especially with the text in the middle and all the snorkelers swimming towards it.


Seattle Met on the newsstands (Photo: André Mora)

Seattle Met on the newsstands (Photo: André Mora)