K Street – Washingtonian Magazine

Top 10 Lobby Firms in Washington, DC

I’m really into maps lately, and I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to draw a few over the summer. The art director of the Washingtonian saw the map I illustrated for Seattle Met (here) and asked me to work on this full-page map of Washington, D.C. with him.

This was another fun one, showing the buildings that house the offices of the top ten lobbyist firms in Washington, D.C. and how only one of them remains on K Street, Washington’s hub of influence.

A detail of two of the buildings.

The final printed map with street names and firm names added in. One of my favorite details is the Washington Monument in the compass rose.

I drew this statue from Farragut Square and the Dupont Circle fountain to place on the map, but unfortunately had to leave them off when things got too crowded.