Grantland Quarterly Issue 2

Al Davis - LA Raiders

I was contacted late last year to work on a few illustrations for the second issue of Grantland Quarterly, published by McSweeney’s and edited by Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy). As most of you know I’m a basketball fan, but the chance to draw anything for a sports book was an exciting opportunity.

There were a couple stories about Al Davis, the late great coach and GM of the Los Angeles Raiders,  that they wanted me to illustrate. One was written by Chuck Klosterman, the others by Peter Richmond and Chris Brown.

As it tends to happen in publishing, two of the Al Davis stories were dropped so those illustrations won’t appear in the issue, but I was asked to illustrate another piece about college football and some portraits of some college football players.

These were great to work on and I’m looking forward to seeing them in the book. I recently completed another full page illustration for Grantland Quarterly issue 3, due out in June. Here’s a look at the cover of the second issue.