European Fly Fishing – Field & Stream Magazine

I was really happy to be contacted recently by Field & Stream magazine for some tactical fishing illustrations. I was asked to illustrate some of the various methods of  a technique called European Nymphing. The technique varies depending on location and I illustrated the Irish, French, Czech, and Spanish methods.

There were a lot of technical details to get right, such as the length and curve of the fishing line, the distance between the flies, and even how the line sits on the water.

I also illustrated four more views to accompany each underwater illustration. These showed the position of the fly fisherman from above (or from the side in the Irish situation below) to illustrate the position of the rod, distance from the shore, the placement of the line and how to move it through the stream.  There were even more details to get right in these and my European nymphing knowledge is now at an all time high.