Waterfront Property

Valuable Waterfront Property

I get a lot of ideas for illustrations when I’m outside, roaming around or driving in the car. I have a few little pocket-sized sketchbooks to scribble in whenever I see a building or an interesting landscape I want to include in an illustration. Using that sketch, I’ll work with it to create a new illustration.  I have 19 really scratchy drawings in my little green sketchbook right now that all came while on a drive from Sudbury to Ottawa (don’t worry, I only sketch when I’m not driving). Hopefully you’ll see some of them here as finished illustrations one day. I’ve found the best stretch to get ideas lately is between Mattawa and Deep River on Highway 17, an inspiring bleak stretch of road especially on a dull winter’s day.

The piece above came to mind when Chantal and I were out on the lake in the kayaks last summer. Check out more work on my website.