Turkey Hunting Travel Illustrations – Outdoor Life

Turkey Hunting

This was a really fun job for Outdoor Life magazine.  I was asked to draw three panoramas showing the varying landscapes where you can go to hunt wild turkeys. From top to bottom we have the Black Hills (encompasses northwest Nebraska, western South Dakota and northeast Wyoming), the second encompasses northern Florida, southeast Alabama and southern Georgia, and the final panorama shows the landscapes of Oklahoma, showing rolling hills, oil derricks, red shale mesas and wheat fields. I love drawing landscapes like this.

There was an unexpected issue with the placement of the figures in the final illustration. I originally had the hunter facing to the right to shoot the turkey, but with the cowboy on the bucking bronco on the right side of the piece, it looked like the hunter missed his shot at the turkey and took out the cowboy. It looked pretty violent (and kind of funny).  I switched the positions of the turkey and hunter and it all worked out.

Here are some detail shots of each of the panoramas. Check out some more new work on my portfolio page.

Largemouth Bass

Mount Rushmore