Ryan Gosling's character from the movie Drive

I painted this for my brother for a Christmas present. I’ve been a big Gosling fan for a few years, ever since Chantal told me she exchanged dreamy glances with him on the street in Toronto years ago after his appearance on the legendary family show, Road To Avonlea (Season 7).

I thought ‘Drive’ was a great movie and Gosling’s character would be an interesting one to illustrate. I planned on doing a ‘Drive’ piece anyway, but when my brother mentioned how much he liked the movie I decided it would make a great gift. I actually wanted to do a Gosling piece a few years ago, but my only concept then was to paint a portrait of him surrounded by fluffy baby geese.

One of the prominent locations in the movie is MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. I added it into the piece and now aside from its appearance in Drive, the only other thing I think about when I hear MacArthur Park is from this Fresh Prince of Belair episode.