Student Portraits – Pentagram / USC Dornsife

This was an exciting job I did a couple months ago for Pentagram Design. I was asked to create a series of portraits for a magazine that Pentagram was helping to redesign called Dornsife Life, a magazine for USC Dornsife students and their community. The students above are Peer Mentors, specializing in areas of study to assist classmates. Some of their specialties and areas of interest are illustrated behind the portraits (such as the whale bones in the portrait above).

Peer Mentors for Dornsife Life : Design by Pentagram

In addition to the Peer Mentors, I also illustrated four more portraits of FYI program students. First-Year Investigation students take the program to get the best out of their education. This was a great assignment and it was exciting to work with such a talented and prestigious firm as Pentagram. Thanks to DJ, Stu and Emily!

You can see more of my portrait work on my website here.