Philadelphia Fans – Sportsnet Magazine

This really fun job started off as a spot illustration and eventually worked its way up to being a full two-page spread in Sportsnet Magazine, Canada’s newest sports magazine.

The article is about booing Philadelphia sports fans with a concentration on the Philadelphia Flyers fans. Apparently they’re all a bunch of hooligans, have a reputation for booing Santa, and throwing things.

I initially sent in a few sketches with three or four characters in them. The art director replied that he wanted to take one of my initial sketches and go even bigger (always good news). Four characters turned into 14, including Rocky punching out Santa, a shirtless guy waving his jersey, and my brother angrily shouting and pointing towards the viewer. He also posed as the Phillies fan (he plays one in real life) on the far right, ashamed of his Philadelphia sports brethren who show no brotherly love. Watch for falling beer.

I have to admit, booing is pretty entertaining. I went to a few Knicks games at Madison Square Garden and the fans there had no problem booing the 12-year-old boy singing Sinatra at halftime or the girl who couldn’t hit a free throw. This issue of Sportsnet Magazine is on shelves now! Go pick one up or I’ll boo you.