Fall Travels – Boston Globe Magazine

New England Travel Destinations - Boston Globe Magazine

This illustration of mine was the cover of Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine. Thanks to my brother for snapping a shot of it. The subject was fall travel of course, but focused on 20 college towns throughout New England to visit when moving your kids into dorms or dropping off care packages (or just journeying around).

I had a lot to work with on this and it was up to me to choose what to draw from a list of 20 college towns. Some of the descriptions were easy to choose: Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Maine. Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut (last L in Fall). A covered bridge, and one of the few places I’ve visited, the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick, Maine (in the letter V).

You may remember I worked on a similar vintage postcard style illustration for the Los Angeles Times in May. I really love working on these but they are a lot of work. This piece ended up being 11 separate paintings that I assembled into the cover illustration, and the text is a font that I modified in Illustrator (with two days from sketch approval to final). I kind of want to do more of them though! Thanks for awesome assignment, Ryan.

Here are some detail shots:

New Hampshire, Canoeing on the Connecticut River and the Mark Twain House

Colby College in Waterville, Maine, a street in Providence, Rhode Island and a lookout in Vermont

Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick, Maine, Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, a covered bridge in Vermont

Prints are available here. Time to rake some leaves…