Letterpress King Pigeon

King Pigeon Letterpress Card - Papillon Press

I illustrated this handsome King Pigeon for Papillon Press. I have a love/hate relationship with pigeons thanks to their insistence on pooping all over my balcony a few years ago. I battled them to reclaim my balcony in Ottawa. They pooped on it, cooed on it, built nests and laid eggs on it. It was a never ending struggle to sit out there peacefully. I invested in plastic pigeon spikes but they would just land between them. I developed some homemade inventions to keep them away but they kept coming. I couldn’t do anything to keep them away – and then we moved. I was finally rid of them!

On the first day we moved into our apartment in Brooklyn I looked out the window and saw an entire telephone wire covered in pigeons in the backyard. I think they followed me.

So that’s the hate. On the other hand, they’re so much fun to draw.

This illustration was printed by Papillon Press on eco-friendly Legion Bamboo paper and is now for sale in their Etsy shop.

King Pigeon Letterpress Card