America’s Cup – Wired Magazine

America's Cup Team Members - Wired Magazine

I’m really excited to show you these new portraits and spots I did for the new issue of Wired Magazine. This job for one of my favorite magazines came in on Canada Day, giving me one more reason to celebrate. Wired uses a ton of great illustrators and I’ve been sending them my work for years in the hopes of working for them.

All the hard work finally paid off when I got the call to illustrate 5 portraits of America’s Cup sailing team members and some illustrations of the high tech boats they use. The illustrations accompany a feature about the new boat designs and the development of the sport.

The AC 45 boat

The AC 45 compared with the AC 72

You can read the article online here, or better yet, pick up an issue! It’s full of great articles, design and illustrations.

4 thoughts on “America’s Cup – Wired Magazine”

  1. myles

    Same here. Nice work Joel. Put us on your mailer list @sportsnetmagpics

    • Joel Kimmel

      Thanks Myles, will do!