Copper Cliff

Pat's Barber Shop

Two years ago Chantal and I headed to Copper Cliff to do some sketching (check it out here). Last weekend we headed there again and set up across the street from this barber shop and chiropractor office for some more sketching. That’s the Super Stack looming overhead, visible from just about anywhere in Sudbury. Copper Cliff is easily one of the most interesting places to sketch in Sudbury.

One thought on “Copper Cliff”

  1. Molly Media Studios

    Sounds like you carry your sketchpad with you like I carry my video camera. I love going out on daytrips with my camera and just shooting to see what I can do. I first got into this habit about 25 years ago while I was studying Photography in Montreal. I would head out with my camera everywhere. Now that I work primarily in time-based media, I do it with video.

    Nice to meet you. I’ll be back!