Abbey Ruins – Mackenzie King Estate

Abbey Ruins

Here’s a sketch I made over Canada Day weekend of some ruins on the Mackenzie King Estate. William Lyon Mackenzie King (for my readers outside of Canada) was Canada’s 10th Prime Minister and was Prime Minister for 22 years (his image is on the 50 dollar bill).

Chantal and I headed to the Estates with Peanut and came across these ruins, which were actually moved there by King as a place for reflection. He took fire-ravaged remains from the Parliament Buildings and other damaged elements and facades from Ottawa to create this arrangement.

You can blame Peanut for all the dirt on the page. I stood up to stretch my legs and he stretched his, dirty paws and all, over my drawing.

3 thoughts on “Abbey Ruins – Mackenzie King Estate”

  1. Judy

    Do you have any more sketches posted online?

    • Judy

      Sketches of the MacKenzie King Estate “ruins” that is.

      • Joel Kimmel

        Unfortunately not, that was the first time I’ve sketched there. You can check out the link to Chantal’s drawing in the post to see her sketch of the ruins.