Animal Web Cams – Los Angeles Times

Animal Web Cams for the Los Angeles Times Op-Ed

This piece appeared in the Los Angeles Times Op-Ed page a couple Sundays ago for an article about observing animals on web cams online. It’s an interesting read about how we perceive animals and impose our biases on them (read it here).

It was a fun one to work on (I know I always say that, but it’s true!) and I had the chance to throw our dog Peanut into the illustration twice. He’s a great model when bribed with treats.

I was completely enthralled by an animal web cam a few years ago. A litter of the cutest dogs were born and streamed on UStream. I watched them out of the corner of my eye while drawing (and with my full attention while taking numerous breaks throughout the day just to marvel at their cuteness), enjoying watching them poop and sleep and crawl over each other all day. It was a sad day when the last pup was picked up by its new owners and the live stream was done.

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  1. karen

    Beautiful illustration on a cool topic.