Toronto Life : BBQ Illustrations

Portraits for Toronto Life - BBQ Masters

Cuts of Meat - Toronto Life

These tasty illustrations were drawn for a BBQ poster project for Toronto Life magazine’s summer BBQ issue.  It was a nice big project and a lot of fun to put together. I love drawing icons and images like these so it was a nice challenge to do so many. Big thanks to John at Toronto Life for the great assignment.

What’s great about illustration projects like this is that I also learn a lot. I sort of know my cuts of meat a bit better now and it actually came in handy at the store the other day (You know how your recipe says to use a specific cut of meat but the store never has it? Knowing which cut is similar or which cuts go by different names is quite useful).

Steer, Fish and Chicken Leg - Toronto Life

The steer/cow/whatever it’s called above was used to show which parts of the animal the meat cuts came from, and the fish and chicken leg were part of a piece about using a smoker to add flavor to your meals.

BBQ icons - Toronto Life

These illustrations (above) are a bit mixed up, but were done as step-by-step icons for a couple instructional pieces. They accompanied pieces about making the perfect patty (I find the tough part is making it firm enough to not just fall through the grill, the easy part is to always add onions – like mom used to make), propane versus charcoal, and how to set up a smoker with wood chips in your BBQ.

Lamb and Pig Roast - Toronto Life

Thanks for reading! Check out the current issue of Toronto Life for more BBQ tips, my illustrations, and other good stuff. Hope you enjoy a summer of delicious BBQ-ing.