Illustration Time Lapse Video


The video above shows the process of  the cover I worked on for Alexander Flores of the Dallas Observer [for their Super Bowl issue,  see previous post]. He had the idea for me to record my process with video and apply a time lapse effect. He then put everything together and put it to music.

You’ll probably notice in the video that the portrait changes three times. I wasn’t extremely happy with the first one, and then it took two more tries before we were really happy. It’s stuff like this that happens a lot in the illustration process that people don’t normally see in the final piece, so it’s cool to see it all unfold in front of you in time lapse video form.

Let me know what you think. I might try this again for more illustration projects.

5 thoughts on “Illustration Time Lapse Video”

  1. April Moore

    I loved seeing this process. The time lapse technique was amazing. I’d like to see more. Next time, I’d love to see it in a slower version, too. So, it becomes almost like a tutorial! Way to go to you both. Wonderful idea!

  2. Charlene

    Awesome work Joel!

    So, how long did it take in all?

    And… did you really do almost half of the digital work before saving? That save bar appears for like, a split second 😉

  3. Joel Kimmel

    Thanks April and Charlene!
    I had about a 5 hour video in total before the time lapse brought it down to about 3.5 minutes, although I forgot to record some stuff!
    And I’m pretty sure I saved more often than the video lets on, that was just a really BIG save.
    Also not seen: time on Facebook and Twitter and the occasional appearance by my dog’s head.

  4. Monique

    That was great! I love it whenever you get to see the process. It would be rad if you did more in the future