Fresh New Website

You may have noticed that my website design has changed. It’s something I feel the need to do every couple of years to mix things up and keep them fresh. Some of the advantages of this new site are:

  • Larger images. Things were a bit smaller before, so I went bigger on this one with large portfolio images and thumbnails to make navigation simpler.
  • Links to blog entries on certain illustrations. If you don’t regularly follow the blog, you can get the details of some illustrations by following a link next to the image.
  • Devoted portfolio pages for my icon work and drawings. Drawings are usually illustrations completed in ink and colored digitally or with only a couple colors. I really enjoy drawing icons and will be posting more of those in the near future.

Thanks for taking a look at my new site!

Ink Drawing for Crimson and Coral illustration

One thought on “Fresh New Website”

  1. mimi torchia boothby watercolors

    I never saw your old website but I like this one very much. I like how it handles your graphics, and I wonder what plug in you are using for them, as I have had a lot of trouble with mine and have not found a solution yet. (So i want to use whatever it is that you are using!).