Kennebunkport, Maine

I’m back from my honeymoon where we headed up the coast of Maine visiting coastal towns and searching for Wyeth artwork. It was an amazing trip. Some of the best parts of the trip were seeing paintings by N.C. and Andrew Wyeth.

If you’re ever in Portland, Maine, they have an amazing exhibit of about 8 paintings by N.C. that will blow you away. We walked into that exhibition room and the paintings just hit you. We spent 20 minutes in that room just staring at the paintings. The rest of the museum, although full of great work, just wasn’t too impressive after being in there (although they have some great Winslow Homer paintings).

Before reaching Portland we were in Kennebunkport for a day. I made this sketch in the late afternoon.

Kennebunkport, Maine

I used my brush pen for this. The top half shows the tide coming in on the shores near some cottages, the bottom sketch is of three canoes floating in the water. [Click the image to see it larger]

I have a few more sketches from the trip that I’ll post soon. We made a special trip to Cushing, Maine to visit Christina Olson’s house, the subject of so many paintings by Andrew Wyeth. Of course we made some time to sketch there.