Coral Diver, letterpress card

3-color letterpress prints

Diving for coral, letterpress print

Detail of turtle

These images are from a new promo card I’m sending out to art directors. I initially designed and illustrated the cards for the save-the-date cards for our upcoming wedding and decided to have it work for an illustration promo card as well. I decided to go with a diver searching for coral to tie in to the proposal I made. I also really wanted to draw a turtle.

We printed the cards with our Chandler & Price letterpress in three colors. Chantal expertly mixed the colors and printed the job to perfection. It can be tricky to register something like this with such tight registration but she did an incredible job.

The card is 5×7 inches and printed on Crane Lettra 110 lb. The turtle shell turned out great. With the two colors on the shell and the impressions in the paper, the shell actually rises up above the paper to create a rounded shell. I don’t know how it happened, but it works well.

Original ink drawing (with digital oval)

Original ink drawing with digital color

These cards were printed by Papillon Press, which is our letterpress  stationery company. We will print your designs and illustrations if you’re interested in having your own letterpress cards printed.

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  1. memere

    Amazing !! Congratulations to both of you.
    You do excellent work together.