Christmas Card

Here is my 2009 Christmas card printed with our letterpress in three colors. I wanted to have a city feeling to my Christmas card so I decided to throw some old skates over a telephone wire, draw some nice buildings and a water tower and have some snow blowing around.

I printed the snow with almost a blind printing method (no ink, just impression) but added a tiny bit of transparent white and the smallest amount of blue to the ink plate to give a subtle color to the snowflakes instead of being the white of the paper.

We were also able to finally use our creasing tools on the press to make folding the cards a whole lot easier. We pretty much let the press take care of the folding for us and it worked perfectly.

You can purchase single this card as a single card or in a package of 6 in the Papillon Press Etsy shop. You can also find Chantal’s beautiful card there as well.

Digital file to use during ink mixing for color matching

2009 Christmas Card